Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss

Shehnaaz Gill Lost 12 Kgs in 6 Months and Explained How She Achieved This Extremely Difficult feat | Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss

Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss:

Shehnaaz Gill, an actor, has become an internet star. Thanks to her time within the Bigg Boss thirteen house and her succeeding nice weight loss journey! With a rigorous eating plan, the renowned Punjabi singer and actor shed almost 12 kgs. She recently explained in a live session why she opted to lose her Bigg Boss image for a more beautiful appeal by dropping weight.

Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss
Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss

Shehnaaz Gill came to popularity during her time on Bigg Boss 13.. whereas there, the histrion turned into being referred to as out for being a touch plump. Shahnaaz underwent a weight loss transformation during her confinement, which began last year.. In a very past conversation, the historian spoke about losing 12kgs while not sincerely hitting the fitness center. speculative however she did it? Well, she became sort enough to proportion it all, and to a lower place is what turned into her trick. In a very speech communication with ETimes final twelve months, Shehnaaz Gill displayed the aim at the rear of her weight loss. 

She stated, “Look, imprisonment chal raha hai. an enormous amount of labor has returned to a standstill all around, therefore I conception why not merely move for weight loss? Some people made fun of my weight in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Kafi log weight lose Karte Hain, Mene Socha Chalo logon ko diktat Hoon ky mein bhe  patli ho Shakti hoon. It’s now not tough to shed pounds just in case you actually need to.”

Shehnaaz informed her followers in a live session on YouTube on Tuesday that she can go back in time and look like she did in Bigg Boss 13, but she has worked hard on her looks and it’s crucial for her profession. After leaving the Salman Khan-hosted reality program, the actor, who appeared in numerous blockbuster music videos, stated that all she needs to do is eat more in order to regain her prior weight.

Shehnaaz Gill revealed how she lost 12 kgs during the same conversation.

“Trust me, I went in for a basic decrease in my eating habits,” the actress said when asked how she managed to lose the kilograms.” You might argue that I only ate non-vegetarian cuisine, chocolates, and ice cream.”


The actress, known as Punjab ki Katrina, went on to say, “But aside from that, let me describe how I ate since therein is the catch.” I just ate one or two items every day. I wouldn’t cram too much diversity into my everyday food consumption. For instance, if I had dal and moong for lunch, I would have the same for supper. And I cut back on the servings. I ate only one roti if I was hungry for two. Man maarke khati thi

And it began to work. I was 67 kg when the lockdown began in March, and I am currently 55 kg.”

“I shed 12 kg in less than 6 months, but without performing any workout,” Shehnaaz Gill concluded. “It was only my restricted food consumption that did the trick”.

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